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Expeditions North Inc - Fishing Lodges in Labrador, Canada
Fishing Lodges - Salmon - Lake Trout - Brook Trout - Northern Pike

The McKenzie River Fishing Lodge:

This is Labrador's newest fishing destination and offers access to previously unaccessable waters accessable only by floatplane. It is located on the headwaters of the McKenzie River as it flows from Andre Lake. The McKenzie River Lodge provides full amenities and consists of two guest cabins, one staff cabin and a main lodge. This location has numerous Brook Trout in the 2 to 8lb. range and Landlocked Salmon in the 4 to 16 lb. range, which are taken consistently. In addition, Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Whitefish are also in abundance.


The lake system is approximately 14 miles long with two major rivers flowing in and the McKenzie river flowing out. Flyfishing is done primarily by wading the rivers. Depending on water levels, some fishing may be done from freighter canoe. Catch and release is practiced with the retention of one trophy fish for taxidermy purposes. However, we prefer you take pictures and do a reproduction of your fish. Flyfishing only is permitted on the rivers, while light tackle is permitted on the lakes.

Smallwood Fishing Lodge:
Smallwood Lodge is a full amenity lodge that can accommodate 10 guests. This lodge has recently been reopened. It was operated by another operator for a short period in the early 1990's and has been inactive and unfished since that time.

Fishermen at this location will get an opportunity to be the first to truly fish the vast expanse of the Smallwood Reservoir. We anticipate records to be broken here. As an example, we are aware of a Northern Pike being caught at the lodge that bottomed out a 50-lb. scale and measured over 54 inches long! Huge Lake Trout will also be taken. Brook trout fishing will be on the outflow of the McKenzie River, approximately 8 miles from the lodge, as it enters the Smallwood Reservoir.

Fly fishing, spin-casting and trolling with single, barbless hooks are all acceptable fishing methods at this location. All guests are flown into the fishing lodge using floatplanes.

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