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Expeditions North Inc - Hunting/Fishing Report 2003 - Sport Shows
Hunting/Sportfishing Report - 2003 and Sport Shows 2004

2003 Hunting/Sportfishing Report and 2004 Sport Show Schedule

The past season was outstanding at McKenzie River Lodge. Our fishing guides went as far as to suggest this was the best year ever. Landlocked Salmon were present all season and brook trout fishing was exceptional with some large fish released. Water levels were good for the most part and warmer weather presented prolific hatches. I feel this contributed in a large way to the super fishing.

While water levels were good for fishing, as usual lower water levels in the later part of the season made traversing the river somewhat difficult. Next year we are planning to cut a trail the entire upper part of the river, that we typically fish, and position our boats on the sections where it is possible to operate easily. Further work was carried out on Smallwood Lodge this past season and we will be ready to accept guests there in 2004. We anticipate taking some huge fish on the big waters of Smallwood Reservoir. The bottom 5 miles of McKenzie River, as it empties into Smallwood Reservoir, looks very inviting for flyfishing.

Caribou Hunting:
Warm temperatures were the norm for early fall caribou hunting. Migrations occurred early and the herd dispersed over a large area. Warm temperatures meant the animals traveled very little causing them to stay in a given area until temperatures cooled. Consequently, outfitters who were fortunate enough to have animals in their area had them for most of the season and those who did not had to range further afield. 2003 was a season when hunting was essential. For the most part hunting was good. Our Schefferville hunt was the most productive therefore we moved some of our Remote hunters there to fill their tags.

Caribou finally got their act together in early November when they commenced their migration in a southerly direction. When they decided to move they moved in a big way. In a one week period they traveled in excess of 300 kilometers (190 miles) and arrived on our doorstep in a hurry. What a spectacle to witness. They arrived in Churchill Falls in the thousands and from there dispersed in smaller groups throughout Labrador. For a 2 -3 week period hunting was easy and all hunters tagged out within a couple of days. After the migration split up hunting became a little more difficult and hunters were forced to leave the main road system.

If you are planning a winter hunt, it is advisable to get in the hunting area as soon as the migration strikes to ensure success and to head off cold weather and the possibility of being unable to travel due to poor ice conditions.

It was a pleasure hosting all our repeat customers and we welcome our new guests. We want to thank everyone for your patronage over the past season and look forward to seeing you again.

If you are in the area of our trade show circuit please drop by and see us. Give us some advance notice and we can arrange tickets.

Ruby and I will be attending the following Trade Shows in 2004. If you are in any of these areas drop by and see us.

2004 Sport Show Schedule
Denver, Colorado
ISE Sport Show
January 22 - 25
Reno, Nevada
SCI Annual Convention
January 21 - 24
San Mateo, California
ISE Sport Show
January 28 - February 01
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Eastern Sport Show
February 07 - 15
Springfield, Massachusetts
February 19 - 22
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
NRA Show
April 16 - 18

Good hunting and fishing for 2004
Wayne and Ruby Watkins


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