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Expeditions North Inc - Hunting and Fishing Report 2002
» Hunting/Sportfishing Report - 2002

2002 Hunting/Sportfishing Report:

Our sportfishing season started on a cold note in 2002. We still had ice in Andre Lake until June 19th. As a matter of fact I could have walked across it on the 17th. The good Lord sent us high winds on the 19th, which broke up all the ice and cleaned the lake in a day, just in time for our first anglers on the 22nd.

We were a little apprehensive about sportfishing for that first week but our misgivings were laid to rest with our first outing. The river systems were full of huge Lake Trout and Landlocked Salmon. This was a real learning experience for us with regards to first ice-out. Now we know what’s there at that time of year. Typically ice has been gone for 2 or 3 weeks prior to start up.

The low water temperatures kept Brook Trout activity quiet until mid July. Mid July to mid August was our best slot for Brookies. Our water did not get too far beyond the mid 50’s for most of the season resulting in less than the spectacular Brookie action usually experienced at McKenzie River Fishing Lodge. This was not unique to McKenzie River Fishing Lodge but was experienced by the majority of fishing lodges in Northern Quebec and Labrador. We rounded off the season in late August with tremendous Landlocked, Lake trout and Northern Pike fishing.

Caribou Hunting:
Caribou hunting was another resounding success with a 100% success rate attained. This gives us a 100% rating for 5 years in a row. We attribute some of this success to the smaller numbers of guests being hosted in our hunting camps at a given time. All our customers are very pleased with our accommodations in both the Remote and Schefferville Hunting areas.

The last week of August and the first week of September were our prime caribou hunting weeks in 2002. We really had to hunt for the other weeks. That’s why they call them hunting trips!!!! It is gratifying when your hunting hard and have positive results. I owe the greater part of this years success to the hard work of our hunting guides and the persistence of the caribou hunters.

Ruby and I attended sport shows in Denver (January 23 – 26), Reno (SCI January 29 – February 01), Harrisburg (Feb. 08 – 16) and Springfield (February 20 – 23) in 2003.

Good hunting and fishing for 2003
Wayne and Ruby Watkins

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