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Expeditions North Inc - Hunting/Fishing Report 2004 - Sport Shows
Hunting/Sportfishing Report - 2004 and Sport Shows 2007

2004 Hunting/Sportfishing Report and 2007 Sport Show Schedule

2004 was another successful year for Expeditions North

We started our season with our bear hunts. It was questionable if we would have a hunt on the second week of June due to a lot of snow still on the ground. I was pulling bait barrels out of the snow the first week of June. Needless to say flies were not an issue. Our fears were soon laid to rest when our first baits were hit immediately. As a matter of fact we were driving black bear from the barrels on our second go around. Again this year we maintained our 100% success rate. Our first 2 hunters saw a total of 25 bears and each hunter harvested a lack bear. The next 2 hunters, a father and son team, both took Pope and Young black bears on their second night.

The fishing season was productive in spite of unusually high waters. Record high snowfalls during the winter created a huge run-off that lasted until late July. High waters seemed to create conditions that saw more large brook trout being hooked.

As always, late August to the end of the season was a phenomenal time for lake trout and Northern Pike. Guests wore themselves out catching and releasing fish.

Caribou Hunting:
Even though migrations were slow for most of the season, our caribou hunt was very successful. We had occasions when extra flights were required to get to caribou on the Remote Hunt but has we promise, we flew hunters to where the migrations were. Schefferville was good throughout the season with some weeks better than others. Our first hunt was the worst. Three guests went home without caribou. They left on Friday morning at 9 o'clock. Before noon on the same day the 8 new guests had 11 animals on the ground and tagged out the next day. With caribou hunting you never know. One day there is nothing the next there can be thousands.

Our Winter Hunt was great. We had to travel a bit further than usual but the results were exceptional. 100% kill !!!!!!! The timing of the hunt, when migrations first arrive, and the willingness of hunters to wait for the best time to come in contributes in a large way to our success. Of course the fact that we do not bring in a pile of hunters (a maximum of 8 per trip) helps as well.

With the strength of the Canadian dollar and the weakening of the US dollar, exchange rates made for an anxious 2004. Consequently some adjustments have been made to remain competitive. Ruby and I appreciate your business over the past year and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.

If you are visiting any of the following shows please drop by our booth and discuss any hunting and fishing plans you may have.

2007 Sport Show Schedule
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Farm Show Complex
February 03 - 11
Suffern, NY
Rockland Community College
March 1- 4
St. Louis, MO
NRA Show,
Cervantes Convention Center
April 13 - 15

Good hunting and fishing for 2007
Wayne and Ruby Watkins


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