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Expeditions North Inc - Hunting Lodges {Quebec/Labrador, Canada}
Hunting Lodges - Quebec and Labrador, Canada

Remote Sites: The migratory range of the Quebec-Labrador Caribou is immense. To counter this and to ensure that our hunters are there tohunting lodges intercept the migration as it enters Labrador, we will fly to wherever migrations are occurring within the range of floatplanes. Portability and mobility are the two most essential components of the early fall hunt. Our hunting camps are constructed to facilitate movement by floatplane, on a weekly basis, from one site to another. If an overnight trip to the migration is practical and necessary, we have compact camps to accommodate short sorties. Camps are heated with wood-burning stoves and equipped with army type cots. Communication is via satellite telephone. Floatplanes are used to access our remote hunting sites.

Shefferville: Caribou frequently migrate through the country surrounding the Shefferville area. Hunts are carried out in the area during early fall, utilizing 4 wheel drive vehicles. Guests are housed in our full amenity hunting lodge in the town of Shefferville.


Churchill Falls Area: During the month of November the migration hunting lodgesfrequently arrives in the area surrounding Labrador City and Churchill Falls. Outpost camps are used for the hunts at that time. (We also utilize these locations for our spring black bear hunts.) These outpost camps can accommodate 8 guests.

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