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Black Bear Hunting Trips:

- Caribou - Black Bear - Ptarmigan

  Labrador black bear hunting trips with Expeditions North offer hunters an unmatched opportunity to hunt Labrador black bears that remain virtually unhunted. This lack of hunting pressure, as well as, the ideal habitat in which they live, has resulted in a very healthy Labrador black bear population. The black bears in Labrador get enormous with bears in the 200 lb range being common and bears in the 500+lb range being a real possibility.

   The ideal time to hunt Labrador black bears with Expeditions North is in the month of June. During this time, the Labrador black bear has emerged from his den and is spending a great deal of his time foraging for food. We allow hunters to optimize their hunting success by hunting over bait in strategically placed stands. We have a number of active stands that have consistently produced large Labrador black bear year in and year out. Many quality Labrador black bear are also taken every year on our early fall Caribou hunts as an add on. These Labrador black bear hunts with Expeditions North are not only challenging but extremely exciting as well. Hunters may choose to hunt our Labrador black bears with their choice of rifle, muzzle loader or bow and arrow. Numerous trophy size Labrador black bear are taken every year with both modern and primitive weapons.

  The population of Labrador is only around 28,000 people and the province is about the size of New Zealand. The majority of Labrador is wilderness and is chock full of pristine lakes and rivers, surrounded by some of the most beautiful country one can imagine. Most of the Labrador black bear you will be hunting have never seen a human being before and have proven to come easily to active bait sites. We make sure all bait sites are active prior to placing hunters on their stands to ensure that your hunt will be successful. Labrador black bear hunting is as good as it gets and offers a very realistic opportunity to harvest a trophy Labrador black bear.

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Our caribou hunting success rate has been at consistently high levels for ten consecutive years.

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