Caribou Hunting and Trout Fishing in Labrador Canada
Caribou Hunting and Trout Fishing Caribou HuntingCaribou HuntingCaribou Hunting
Caribou Hunting and Trout Fishing Caribou Hunting Caribou Hunting
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Caribou Hunting
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Expeditions North Inc - Caribou hunting and Trout Fishing in Canada
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WE DID IT!!!!!
Expeditions North has entered into a mutual agreement with one of the most reputable and senior Quebec outfitters operating out of Schefferville whereby both operators will have access to migrations in both Quebec and Labrador. If migrations are not strong for either outfitter in their own province and opportunities are better in the other province they will be able to pursue a hunt there, through their partner. It doesn't get any better than that!!!! This is the first time such an agreement has been made between Labrador and Quebec outfitters and will prove to be very beneficial to both operators and their clients.

Please contact us for further information pertaining to this new undertaking and to book a caribou hunt offering this unsurpassed opportunity for success.

Read one of our testimonials from the 2006 caribou hunting season: Click Here



If your dream is a caribou hunting trip in a vast wilderness virtually untouched by man, or fishing in crystal clear lakes and rivers where the fish have never seen a fishing lure, then contact us for the Labrador adventure of a lifetime.

There's a land where mountains are nameless
And the rivers all run God knows where
There are lives that are erring and aimless
And deaths just hang by a hair
There are hardships that nobody reckons
There are valleys unpeopled and still
There's a land - oh it beckons and beckons
And I want to go back - and I will.

Robert Service

Caribou Hunting - Floatplane
Our caribou hunting success rate has been at consistently high levels for the past ten years.

Check our track record by contacting the Provincial Department of Tourism at 709-944-5013.

Expeditions North is a professional caribou hunting, black bear hunting and trout fishing outfitter in the heart of Labrador, Canada. Whether it is fishing for lunker lake trout, giant brook trout, world record landlocked salmon, monster northern pike, or hunting for record book caribou and black bear, we will provide you with the hunting and fishing trip of a lifetime.

Black Bear and Caribou Hunting
Expeditions North offers black bear hunting and Quebec/Labrador caribou hunting. With the wide range of properties and hunting packages available you will be able to find caribou hunting and black bear hunting options that will fit your needs and your pocketbook.

Due to insignificant black bear hunting pressure in the past, healthy populations of black bear exist in this hunting region. We offer baited spring black bear hunting. In addition black bear hunting is offered as an add-on to our remote fall caribou hunting trips. Caribou Hunting

The caribou you will be hunting belong to the largest barren ground caribou herd in the world. Based on caribou migration patterns over the past fifteen years, Expeditions North has sites strategically positioned to intercept the late summer and early fall migrations as they enter Labrador. In addition to fixed camps, we utilize standard wood framed, canvas-covered camps on plywood platforms for our caribou hunting trips. We also have portable tent camps that can be used for quick sorties to the migration.

Along with our Remote Caribou Hunts in August and September we offer caribou hunting in the immediate area of Schefferville utilizing the miles of old mining roads. Caribou hunting has been very successful over the years and both hunting locations continue to produce trophy caribou antlers. Additionally, during the winter when caribou migrations move into western and central Labrador, we offer winter caribou hunts in those regions.

Our remote caribou hunting properties are located where there is an abundance of water, fish, other wildlife and birds. There is also a shooting range complete with steel shooting targets. You and your hunting group will be the only people in that area for the duration of your caribou hunting trip. The same holds true for your fishing trip. Tundra stretches for miles and miles and is easily traveled therefore caribou hunting is not arduous. Since the ground is relatively dry and solid for the most part, walking is not difficult. Lakes are typically wooded around the perimeter providing excellent conditions for hunting caribou with bow or black powder.

Black bear hunting and winter caribou hunting properties are located in the road accessible portion of Labrador. This part of Labrador is wooded with numerous rivers and lakes. This area has ideal conditions for bow hunting for caribou and black bear. Fishing opportunities are available during the spring black bear hunt and partridge and grouse abound during the winter caribou hunt. Migrations during the winter caribou hunt can be phenomenal and are often easily viewed due to frozen conditions of the lakes.

The Caribou Migration
If there is anything predictable about caribou it is their unpredictability!

Based on information over the past fifteen years the following is a general analysis of George River Caribou migrations in Quebec and Labrador.

Southerly migrations begin in mid-July with movements from the caribou calving grounds in northern Quebec and Labrador. Typically cows and calves start moving first. However it has been noted over the past few years that mature caribou bulls are moving early as well. Weather dictates the speed of these migrations. Warm temperatures will slow movements and cool weather tends to speed them up. There are times when caribou migrations can cover 100 miles in a few days. Other times they are stuck in the same general area for over a week.

Typically, the bulk of the caribou migration will continue in a southerly direction until it strikes the Smallwood Reservoir. This huge body of water will usually force the migration west. However, some caribou have already turned west prior to striking the Smallwood Reservoir. The westerly turn usually occurs in early August.

By mid-August and early September caribou have dispersed in different directions and smaller herds can be encountered when they are least expected. It should also be noted that caribou migrations from western Quebec often times move east into Labrador during September.

Mature caribou bulls have lost their velvet by mid-September in preparation for the rut, beginning in mid October. At this point a large number of caribou have moved back north.

Following the rut, caribou will again commence their migration south toward the wintering grounds that provide them with food and shelter for the cold winter ahead. This caribou migration is usually very strong until they reach the wintering grounds in Labrador where they disperse into smaller groups of 50-1000. These smaller groups of caribou will roam the wintering grounds until April when they will commence their northerly migration to the calving grounds. Caribou will remain on the calving grounds until July when the migration cycle starts all over again.

Satellite collars have been placed on some caribou in the herd. Satellite telemetry provides general information has to current caribou migration route. This information is posted on the Internet for viewing on a weekly basis. George River caribou migrations may be monitored at

Brook Trout and Salmon Fishing:
Smallwood Fishing Lodge
Have you been looking for a world class trout or salmon fishing lodge in Labrador that has rarely been fished? If so, you have found it at Smallwood fishing lodge. Smallwood fishing lodge is located on the north side of the huge Smallwood reservoir - a body of water that has seen insignificant fishing. (Smallwood Fishing Lodge)

McKenzie River Fishing Lodge
Nestled in the boreal forest of northwestern Labrador is a place that fulfills a fly-fishermens wildest dreams. A place of natural beauty where fish of five species come readily to the fly. The place is McKenzie River Fishing Lodge, located at the headwaters of McKenzie River on Andre Lake. (McKenzie River Fishing Lodge)

Expeditions North, Inc. is a Labrador hunting outfitter and Quebec hunting outfitter. Check us out for the best caribou hunting, black bear hunting, and more! Check out our hunting lodge for a great caribou hunting trip or black bear hunting trip in Labrador or Quebec!

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